Staff satisfaction

Our staff indicated improvements across all key staff opinion survey measures

Staff satisfaction 81%, compared to 79% last year
Staff engagement 83%, compared to 82% last year

Staff satisfaction up

The staff opinion survey is an important measure of staff satisfaction. It calculates a weighted satisfaction index and an overall ‘gut feel’ measure of staff satisfaction. Participation in the survey was high this year with 95 per cent of staff contributing. Results for the year showed an improvement compared to 2015–16, with our staff satisfaction index increasing from 79 per cent to 81 per cent.

The ‘gut feel’ satisfaction measure also improved, with 89 per cent of respondents ‘satisfied’ to ‘extremely satisfied’ working at the Audit Office, up from 87 per cent.

Staff sustainability, which effectively measures work-life balance, remained steady with 52 per cent of our staff rating they are ‘working in a highly sustainable way’, compared to 51 per cent in 2015–16. The percentage of staff working in a ‘moderately sustainable way’ reduced to 32 per cent from last year’s 36 per cent.


Staff satisfaction %


Staff engagement up

Staff engagement connects measures of staff satisfaction, morale, loyalty and commitment to the Audit Office’s success. It further measures whether staff feel trusted and valued. Staff engagement remained steady at 83 per cent to last year’s 82 per cent. Ninety per cent of staff would recommend the Audit Office as a ‘great place to work’, consistent with last year’s result. Ninety-four per cent of staff indicated they ‘are willing to put in extra effort to achieve a professional result’, up from 91 per cent.

Morale has remained steady with 78 per cent of staff reporting ‘reasonable’ to ‘very high’ morale, compared to 79 per cent last year, although this is below our 80 per cent target.


Staff morale %


Performance gaps improved

The staff survey tells us what staff consider most important, and identifies the gaps between their expectations of the ‘ideal’ and how well the Audit Office is currently performing. Gaps of more than 20 points between importance and delivery indicate a need to focus on these areas. When compared to the 2015–16 survey there was improvement across all performance gaps, some significantly.

The five largest performance gaps, from highest to lowest, were:

  • the Audit Office has sufficient resources to deliver value to clients
  • good communication exists throughout the office
  • I am able to balance work with my personal life
  • I feel valued
  • we have a constructive culture at the Audit Office.


Significant performance gaps


People Matter Survey

In 2016–17, the Audit Office participated in the NSW public sector’s People Matter Survey. Sixty per cent of our staff participated in the survey, compared with 40 per cent in 2014 (the last time the survey was conducted). Our engagement score was 70 per cent, an increase from 64 per cent in 2014. This result also compared well with the overall public sector engagement result of 65 per cent.


The year ahead

Although our results have improved significantly, we will continue to work to address the performance gaps raised by our staff, particularly in areas of resourcing, communication, constructive leadership, feeling valued and culture.

Through our ‘Working Better, Working Together’ strategic initiative, the Leadership Team will work in 2017–18 to bring our people closer together across teams and branches to improve the biggest performance gaps in the staff survey.

We will also next year try and bring our staff opinion survey and the NSW public sector’s People Matter Survey into greater alignment.