The year ahead for performance audit

Continuing with our three-year program

We consider broad themes in government administration and reform

Section 38B of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 gives the Auditor-General of New South Wales the mandate to undertake performance audits in NSW Government.

In developing the proposed performance audit program, we directly consulted a range of stakeholders, including NSW Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, cluster department secretaries, and the integrity agencies. We also receive suggestions from members of parliament, and from the community.

Our program considers broad themes that are relevant to today’s government administration and reform, including:

  • ensuring services meet citizen needs
  • leveraging digital opportunities
  • having good checks and balances
  • getting value from commissioning
  • breaking down silos
  • looking after future generations and the vulnerable
  • a capable and diverse public sector
  • investing in infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population
  • working together with local govenrment.

Our proposed performance audit program for 2017−18 to 2019−20, is available on our website. It is a rolling three-year program and the Auditor-General may prioritise other topics that come to our attention for performance audits, or may remove topics that are no longer deemed relevant.

In 2017−18, we will table our first local government performance audits, resulting from the NSW Government’s 2016 decision to expand our mandate.

Consistent with broader trends in government, we will continue to work with entities in a collaborative and cooperative way, whilst ensuring we retain our independence and objectivity.

We will also continue our efforts to strengthen our topic selection processes and better communicate this to key stakeholders.

To support contemporary approaches to performance auditing, we will host the IMPACT Conference in 2018. This conference brings together key thought leaders in, and relevant to, performance auditing. The focus of the conference will be on the future of performance auditing and how we can address key emerging challenges for the profession and our audit clients.

We will also build on our efforts to develop more integrated approaches to our performance audits by leveraging knowledge, skills and capabilities from across the organisation. This will ensure a greater diversity of thinking on our audits and hence greater audit insights.