The year ahead

Our activity in 2017–18 will be driven by our corporate plan.

Corporate planning framework

Our activity in 2017–18 will be driven by our corporate planning framework comprised of:

  • Strategic Plan 2017–2020
  • Future State Roadmap
  • Branch Business Plans
  • Individual Staff Performance Agreements.

Together, these plans support the Audit Office to achieve its vision:

Our insights inform and challenge government to improve outcomes for citizens.

To support achievement of this vision, the Audit Office has mapped out a journey from our current state to a future state that is:


Dynamic – moving from an operational model that is highly structured, working to strictly defined peaks and troughs to a more dynamic model. This will allow us to leverage data and stakeholder input to undertake more timely and practical audits.


Integrated – moving from siloed teams that provide little interface or crossover to an integrated environment. Bringing together our financial and performance audit skills and knowledge to deliver value for parliament, clients and citizens.


Insightful – moving from a process focus to a focus on generating relevant insights and outcomes. If we are to adapt our methods to deliver these insights, we will need to allow for the application of differentiated audit approaches.


Connected – moving from an ethos of separation – separate teams, roles, contract auditors and stakeholders – to one of connection where we collaborate and engage both across our teams and with our external partners and stakeholders


Developing potential – moving from providing highly structured career paths for our employees to a learning environment that develops potential beyond the traditional career ladder, including moving between teams and fostering experience outside the Audit Office.


Agile – encouraging our staff to move beyond their physical and professional work areas in an agile workplace that promotes creativity, collaboration, flexibility and diversity


Strategic initiatives

Our five strategic initiatives over the next three years are focussed on building the organisational capabilities needed to achieve this future state.


Local Government

The Local Government Amendment (Governance and Planning) Act 2016 appointed the Auditor-General as the auditor of local government entities from 2016–17. The legislation also gave the Auditor-General the power to conduct performance audits in the sector. Throughout 2016–17, a large amount of work has been undertaken to ensure that effective and efficient audit services are provided to the local government sector.

This initiative continues that journey developing our capacity to deliver high quality audit services to the local government sector into the future.


Influencing for Impact

The Audit Office has a strong desire to engage effectively with all our stakeholders to ensure we deliver audits that are of a high quality and lead to improved public sector reporting and performance.

Our immediate focus over the 2017–18 year will include developing a stakeholder engagement strategy and building a new, upgraded and more functional website.


Reporting Process

Effectively communicating our insights relies on the delivery of focussed and timely reports. Building on work to date – to facilitate the production of reports including development of an all-of-office reporting timetable and a new internal design template – we will continue to build streamlined, efficient and all-of-office processes that support production of clear, concise and focussed reports.


Working Better, Working Together

This initiative seeks to bring our people together across teams and branches to improve communication and collaboration, development opportunities for staff, resourcing and staff engagement. A key focus over the next two years will be the development and implementation of a Facilities Strategy to underpin the creation of a modern office space that supports a collaborative, agile culture.

Beyond the physical space, a key focus of this initiative is to ensure that those working in, and with, the Audit Office are working in an environment of respect, inclusivity and empowerment.


Data Analytics

We live in a digital world and the mass of data now available to governments present opportunities to deliver better services more efficiently and economically. This initiative seeks to use data analytics to improve audit efficiency and insights.

Over the 2017–18 year, a Data Analytics Strategy will be finalised that will identify and define how data will be used to achieve our future state. A local government pilot dashboard that uses data visualisation to enhance key messages in our first local government report to parliament will provide a pilot for future development of other sector data dashboards.