2016–17 highlights


92% of parliamentarians satisfied with the Audit Office’s reports and services

  • 94 per cent agreed we operate independently from government.
  • 96 per cent agreed our reports and services provide valuable information on public sector performance.
  • 96 per cent agreed our reports and services help improve public sector administration.
  • 94 per cent agreed we perform audits with integrity.
  • 79 per cent of audits reported to parliament on time.
  • 19 performance audits followed up by parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.

Overall satisfaction %
% satisfied or very satisfied
Survey not conducted in 2015

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Government entities, universities and councils

98% of financial audit recommendations accepted

  • 77 per cent of performance audit recommendations accepted.
  • Overall CFO performance index for financial audits remains at 78.
  • Overall performance index for performance audits 71, compared to 70 last year.
  • 17 performance audits completed.
  • 426 financial audits completed.
  • 16 new modifications were issued and 4 audit modifications were cleared.
  • 86 per cent of financial audit opinions issued within ten weeks.

Overall performance index
Aggregate performance indices

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81% staff satisfaction, compared to 79% last year

  • 83 per cent staff engagement, compared to 82 per cent last year.
  • 19 per cent staff turnover.
  • 90 per cent of staff describe the Audit Office as ‘a great place to work’.
  • 78 per cent of staff report reasonable to very high morale.
  • 54 per cent of middle management are women.
  • 46 per cent of executive and senior leadership are women.
  • 3 reported safety incidents and 0 new workers’ compensation claims.
  • 4.5-star greenhouse building rating maintained.

Staff satisfaction %

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28 presentations made, one more than last year

  • 5 submissions made on proposed changes to accounting and auditing standards.

Presentations delivered

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Our governance framework reflects the 8 core principles of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

  • The Audit Office received one formal GIPA access application.
  • We received and examined 15 public interest disclosures.


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$0.1 million cumulative deficit (excluding superannuation adjustments) over a five year period, close to our break-even target

  • Break-even result for 2016–17 (excluding superannuation adjustments)
  • 99 per cent of our creditors were paid on time.

Operating result 2016–17/$m
Excluding superannuation

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Our costs compare favourably with other Australian audit offices

  • We benchmark ourselves against the national average for audit offices.

Total audit costs (excluding payroll tax) per $’000 of public sector transactions $

Total audit costs (excluding payroll tax) per $’000 of public sector assets $